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Obsidian Silver Dragon Tankard

Imagine sitting around the fire with you mates drinking your favourite brew from one of these stunning Obsidian Silver Dragon Tankards. 🍺

I’d imagine you would feel like you’re right back in the medieval days, around the round table maybe 🤔

Made from Resin and Stainless steel the clings to a Celtic cross on each side of the vessel, his piercing red eyes staring forward.

Perfect for every Dragon enthusiast that also likes a brew.

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The new norm

With the way the world is now and importing goods from overseas becoming more and more difficult, it’s sad to see that the cost of freight has now gotten so high that it causes prices to go up.

Being in Australia, we’re a long way from anywhere and these things are inevitable as this continues to happen.

I’ve had multiple shipments come in over the last 6 months and every time they do, the cost of freight has far outweighed the cost of the actual products. Where freight costs were once a fraction of the product costs, its not flipped and product costs are now a fraction of the freight costs.

Whilst I built DragonZone because of my own passion for fantasy products and wanting an Australian source for everyone to be able to order through directly, it is with some sadness that as these products arrive into the country, I am having to raise their prices from what they once were.

I know customers will understand that these things need to happen and I hope that the world will one day go back to normal so these price increases can be reduced again.

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Castle in the clouds

I find sometimes that I just need some “brain dead time”. At these times the app color by numbers is a great way to just not have to think hard and I get the bonus of finishing a dragon picture.

Below is one I finished last night. It was a tricky one with lots of small similar colors in the castle.

The purple dragon just topped it off to make the drawing perfect.

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Welcome to Dragon Zone

So I finally went and did it. I’ve thought about building a website dedicated to my love for Dragons, and here it is.

I’ll be building this site as time permits, and want to be able to offer everything from Artists who draw Dragons, Dragon Tattoos because I really love these, Dragon Games and Puzzles, Dragon Prints and many many more things.

If you feel like you’d like to contribute to the Blog section of the site, please let me know and I will set you up as a contributor.