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Anne Stokes Age of Dragons Small Forest Dragon Figurine

Small Forest Dragon: From the imagination of internationally renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes comes the Age of Dragons range. This wee green forest dwelling wyrmling clings onto a tree trunk with its great claws, in order to avoid predators, imitating its mother. The young dragon is well camouflaged in its forest environment. Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, this mythic figurine will make the perfect addition to any dragon devotee’s collection.

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Leaf like scales provide excellent camouflage.

An agile and expert climber, using its long tail for balance and grip.

  • Size: 6 metres on average but can grow up to 8 metres
  • Habitat: Forest and Woodland Areas
  • Eggs: 2 or 3 eggs laid in nests made of branches
  • Characteristics: Hard to spot due to its leafy camouflage

In many wooded areas can be found Forest Dragons (Draco Saltus), ranging in size from the little leaf dragon (foliolum draco) to Supreme forest Monarch (summi saltus monarcho). However spotting them is no mean feat, but with little knowledge of the area can yield results.

Many forest dragons have adapted to particular trees and vegetation, evolving certain traits such as tail spines, bony head growths and wing pattering that resemble the leaves of this or that tree.

As well as scales that change colour with an almost symbiotic relationship to their surroundings.

Predominately herbivores they are anatomically and physiologically adapted to eating plant material, for example foliage for the main component of their diet.

Unlike other dragon species, they have wide flat teeth that are adapated to grinding grass , tree bark and other tough plant material.

From the imagination of internationally renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes comes the Age of Dragons range.

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